Laboratory tests which are used to identify the clinical symptoms are crucial in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and provide valuable information to the clinicians for patient disease management.

Our business basis is “To provide the test results which are required by the doctors in order to protect and prosper the human life”.

Our company has established an effective and important position in In Vitro Diagnostics Market in Turkey by working with this purpose. The factors which carried us to such a position include:

  • Reliable and high quality systems produced by world’s leading diagnostics companies which we represent,
  • Our team with over 40 employees which are graduated from respectable universities of Turkey,
  • Our highly motivated and visionary executive staff which are fully supported by their team mates,
  • Clinicians who trust us and give a chance to serve in In Vitro Diagnostics field for years.

Our mission is to be a company providing the most admired, trusted, accurate and qualified service in Turkey.

Our vision is to install at least one of our diagnostics instruments in every laboratory all around Turkey.

We will keep the gratification of our employees and customers up high, will be honest and fair with a mutual trust with them and never make a concession from our moral standards while achieving our goals.

Şeref Atik
General Manager
BİODPC Diagnostics Systems